Little Stars Baby Pasta

Little Stars Baby Pasta

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Organic Vegan




Durum Wheat Semolina*, Water, Dehydrated Tomato* (1.5%), Dehydrated Spinach* (1.5%), * From Organic Agriculture, This product contains no added salt or sugar. Salt and sugar content is due to naturally occurring sodium and sugars


United Kingdom


Suitable for 3Yrs+ Organic No added salt or sugar Fun and easy to prepare Suitable for vegetarians and vegans Organic pasta made from durum what semolina with tomato and spinach All great things start from little beginnings, just like our scrummy organic children's food. Little Pasta Organic is a family owned company that is passionate about giving your little ones pure, honest flavours that abound in Mother Nature. Being the new kid on the block means we have to stamp our little feet harder, shout a little louder and be so creative to stand out from our bigger competition. We work closely with mums and dads to understand what they need to feed their little foodies' eager taste buds, keeping our chef's brain aflutter all day and night with inspired new ideas! All parents know that it is essential to lay down the foundations for good eating habits early on by ensuring that their little foodies are offered a varied diet of nutritious, wholesome and organic food. IT-BIO-006 EU Agriculture EU Organic Organic Farmers & Growers (Organic Certification UK2)